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Analysis of 15 patients with abnormal liver function as the first systemic lupus erythematosus symptomAnalysis of Wnt/Beta catenin signalling in desmoid tumors

Analysis of HER2 expression and gene amplification in adenocarcinoma of the stomach and the gastro-oesophageal junction : rationale for the Belgian way of working

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A. Jouret-Mourin1, A. Hoorens2, G. De Hertogh3, J. Vanderveken1, P. Demetter4, E. Van Cutsem5

(1) Department of Pathology, St Luc University Hospital, Brussels ; (2) Department of Pathology, Brussels University Hospital, Brussels ; (3) Department of Pathology,
University Hospital Gasthuisberg, KUL, Leuven ; (4) Department of Pathology, Erasme University Hospital, Brussels ; (5) Digestive Oncology, University Hospital
Gasthuisberg, Leuven.