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Colopathies of the old adults

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Acta gastroenterol. belg., 2006, 69, 287-295

July-September Volume 69, fasc. 3

Colopathies of the old adults

Th. Pepersack - Clinique de Gériatrie, Département de Médecine Interne, Hôpital Académique Erasme, Université Libre de Bruxelles, Brussels, Belgium.

The increase of life-time together with the improvement of the social, sanitary and medical cares lead to the apparition of a cohort of very old subjects. The prevalence of symptoms compatible with colopathies among the olders is impressive. The spectrum of large bowel disease in the elderly is essentially similar to that found at a younger age but the incidence of some diseases increases with age. This review presents the specificity of colopathies of the olders and focuses on the following medical topics : irritable bowel disease (IBS), clostridium colitis, ischemic disease, iatrogenous disorders. The specificity of the geriatric patients should be integrated into diagnosis and clinical management.