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Ectopic variceal bleeding due to portosystemic shunt via dilated mesenteric veins and a varicous left ovarian vein : case report and literature review of ectopic varicesEditorial introduction


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Acta gastroenterol. belg., 2004, 67, 26-27.

January-March Volume 67, fasc. 1


N. Ectors, A. Jouret-Mourin

Gastrointestinal cancer is an important health problem. In 1998, 5089 new cases of colorectal cancer (2667 male) and 1095 new cases of gastric cancer (637 male) were diagnosed in Belgium. Gastrointestinal cancer still carries a high morbidity and mortality rate. In 1997, 3059 patients died of colorectal cancer. Secondary prevention with early diagnosis and proper surgical treatment, including adjuvant treatment with chemotherapy or radiotherapy for more advanced cases are therefore very important. The therapeutic strategy depends partly upon the information provided by the pathologists examining surgical resection specimens. This implies analysis of these specimens according to generally accepted criteria. The Belgian Club for Digestive Pathology has organized a working party for the design of guidelines for adequate reporting of resection specimens of gastrointestinal cancer. The aim of the working party is to prepare review papers for the different types of cancer occurring in the Gastrointestinal tract, pancreas and liver based on the data available in the literature, on internationally accepted classifications such as the TNM and on guidelines published by societies, which can be either national such as the British or French societies of Gastroenterology, or speciality-related such as the Association of Directors of Surgical Pathology.