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A mysterious anus

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A 74-year-old man presented at the consultation of gastro-enterology with a painfully ear-shaped swelling (Fig. 1A and 1B) around the anus. He denied fever, weight loss, or diarrhea. His medical history included coronary artery disease, arterial hypertension, atrial fibrillation, melanoma on the lower back with curative resection, a total hip replacement on the left side and knee prosthesis on both sides. Current medication use included acetylsalicylic acid 80 mg, bisoprolol 2,5 mg and acenocoumarol 2 mg. Several biopsies were taken and showed aspecific polypoid granulation tissue without any sign of malignancy. Echo-endoscopy revealed no invasion in the surrounding muscular layers. A left-sided colonoscopy showed no abnormalities. Finally, the lesion was surgically removed. What is your diagnosis ? [Product Details...]