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Pancreatic lipoma : a not so rare entity

Price: €10,00

Abstract Pancreatic neoplasms are well-known pathological entities with generally poor prognosis. Mesenchymal tumors comprise 1 to 2% of all pancreatic tumors, and lipomas are a very rare variant of them. There are benign mesenchymal tumors consisting of mature adipose cells and thin collagen capsule. Most of the cases are generally published as sporadic case reports. The present review aims to elucidate the morphological entity named pancreatic lipoma, which is nearly unknown to most of surgeons. We estimate that pancreatic lipomas may be more common than previously realized, as small incidental lipomas may not have been reported in the literature to date. (Acta gastro enterol. belg., 2009, 72, 235-237). [Product Details...]

Pregnancy and inflammatory bowel diseases from conception to delivery

Price: €10,00

Abstract Background : Chronic inflammatory bowel diseases frequently affect young people and are of major concern to them when envisaging parenthood. Materials and methods : Using a literature review, we attempt to provide up-to-date solutions concerning conception, pregnancy, delivery and breastfeeding ; we also underline potential risks associated with such diseases, their treatment and management. Results and conclusion : Inflammatory bowel diseases are not incompatible with maternity or paternity, but foresight is recommended and future parenthood should be discussed with gastro - enterologists so as to adapt treatment and follow-up to ensure successful pregnancy outcome. (Acta gastro enterol. belg., 2009, 72, 238-244). [Product Details...]

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