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Case reports

Giant peritoneal loose body : a case report and review of the literature

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We present a case about a 53-year-old man who complained of abdominal pain and constipation. Computed tomography showed a well-described nodular structure of 6cm in size with a central dense core of 0.5cm with compression against the rectosigmoid. The presence of a foreign body was suggested and a diagnostic laparoscopy was performed. Surgery revealed a giant peritoneal loose body measuring 5.5cm in diameter. After the removal, the patient was relieved of his symptoms. Peritoneal loose bodies are usually small and asymptomatic. They are mostly found incidentally during laparotomy. Giant peritoneal loose bodies are a rare entity and diagnosis is difficult. A review of the literature is presented. (Acta gastroenterol. belg., 2019, 82, 441-443). [Product Details...]

Ménétrier’s disease : a case of successful treatment using long-acting octreotide

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The authors describe a 31 years old male, admitted for hematemesis, epigastric pain and lower limb edema. Laboratorial data showed haemoglobin 18.4g/dl, total proteins 2.8g/dl, albumin 1.6g/dl and hipogammaglobulinaemia. 24h urinary proteins were normal. HIV and CMV serology were negative. Upper GI endoscopy revealed markedly enlarged gastric folds covered by abundant exudative fluid. Endoscopic ultrasound showed ascites, pleural effusion and gastric wall thickening with mucosa expansion and intact submucosa. In gastric biopsies foveolar hyperplastic and regenerative mucosa were observed being suggestive of Ménétrier´s disease. Helicobacter pylori was not detected. Albumin replacement and diuretics corrected anasarca and long-acting octreotide was instituted. Nine months later, the patient was asymptomatic, serum proteins were normal (albumin 4.6g/dl and total proteins 6.5g/dl), signs of endoscopic improvement were observed with marked reduction in gastric folds and mucosal inflammation and no ultrastructural changes were detected in gastric specimens sent for electron microscopy. Ménétrier´s Disease (MD) is a rare form of hypertrophic gastropathy characterized by massive enlargement of gastric folds causing marked protein exudation. The increase in tight junction diameter is the most consistent ultraestrutural change. Octreotide is a somatostatin analogue that acts by modulating TGFαEGFR pathway, which has been associated with the pathogenic mechanisms. As well as other cases reported in literature, this case report highlights the potential of long-acting octreotide for MD treatment avoiding more expensive therapies like cetuximab and gastrectomy. (Acta gastroenterol. belg., 2019, 82, 429-432). [Product Details...]

Survival : a rare outcome in large cell neuroendocrine carcinoma of the gallbladder

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Large cell neuroendocrine carcinoma of the gallbladder is extremely rare. We present a case report and review of literature. We report the rare outcome of survival at 19 month follow-up and hope to raise awareness about this lesion, its treatment modalities and lend credence to the proposed mechanism of its pathogenesis. (Acta gastroenterol. belg., 2019, 82, 433-436). [Product Details...]

Transluminal removal of a giant fibrovascular polyp of the esophagus

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Giant fibrovascular polyps of the esophagus are rare benign tumors that originate at the hypopharynx or the upper third of the esophagus. Because of the indolent and benign nature they are mostly discovered when very large with symptoms like dysphagia or regurgitation of the polyp into the mouth which can cause asphyxia and dead. The removal of these polyps is obligatory. Although more than 100 cases of giant fibrovascular esophageal polyps have been described in literature so far, the approach for removal is not yet standard and needs a customized use of medical technology from different disciplines. We present the case of a 42 year old man in whom a giant polyp was removed transorally by a combination of instruments and materials from different disciplines (gastroenterological, surgical and laryngological). [Product Details...]

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