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Unusual reason of abdominal pain in a young female patient

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A 24-year-old female patient was admitted with a history of recurrent abdominal pain and newly started nausea and vomiting. On admission, physical examination was unremarkable and there was no fever. Laboratory studies revealed mild anemia (Hb : 8.46 g/dl, normal : 12-15.5 g/dl), hematocrit level of 28.2% (normal : 34.944.5%), mean corpuscular volume level of 70.8 fL (normal : 81.6-98.3 fL), mean cell hemoglobin level of 21.5 pg (normal : 27-31.2 pg), red cell distribution width level of 19.8% (normal : 11.9-15.5%), eosinophil count of 0.021 K/uL (normal : 0.05-0.50 K/uL) and other test were normal. After non-specific treatment pain didn’t resolved. There were no pathological findings on abdominal x-ray. [Product Details...]