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Symposium: International Symposium '25 years of adult liver transplantation at Cliniques Saint-Luc', Brussels, 6-7/11/2009

Alternative transplant procedures for acute liver failure

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Acute liver failure (ALF) is associated with significant morbidity and mortality. The outcome is highly unpredictable and recovery depends on several factors. Patients can deteriorate with increasing encephalopathy, coagulopathy and progress to multiorgan failure (MOF). In such patients, liver transplantation (LT) is the only current potential cure. Orthotopic liver transplantation remains the standard procedure for LT in ALF, however, other surgical options have been explored. This review summarises the use of a variety of alternative transplant procures for the treatment of acute liver failure including : Two stage OLT, Auxiliary liver transplant, Living donor liver transplantation (LDLT), and ABO incompatible liver transplant. (Acta gastroenterol. belg., 2010, 73, 374-379). [Product Details...]


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During this meeting nationally and internationally renowned speakers were brought together in order to tackle particular problems in liver transplantation. A part of the Symposium was dedicated to medical and surgical features in liver transplantation. Several of these presentations will be published in this issue of ACTA GASTRO-ENTEROLOGICA BELGICA. For interest of the reader it is important to know that all presentations in relation to hepatobiliary oncology and liver transplantation have been published in the ‘Special Focus : Liver Transplantation for Malignancies’ in the July issue of Transplant International (Vol. 23, 7 : 661-727, 2010). Different articles published in this issue of Acta Gastro-Enterologica Belgica and the July 2010 issue of Transplant International give a good update about still existing problems in the field of liver transplantation [Product Details...]

Liver transplantation in HIV infected patients : indications and results

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Liver transplantation (LT) is now feasible in HIV infected patients. To date, criteria of liver transplantation are no different from the other indications of liver transplantation ; however an undetectable HIV viral load at the time of liver transplantation is desirable goal. History of opportunistic infections and CD4+ count ). [Product Details...]

Psychological evaluation of living liver donors – a single centre experience

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The psychological evaluation of living liver donors is a substantial part of the preoperative evaluation of donors in many transplantation centres around the globe and aims at securing decision autonomy and informed consent, verifying the psychological stability of the donor and ruling out psychosocial risks. The aims of this paper are to present a short overview of the current state of the psychosocial evaluation of living donors based on the existing literature and to discuss our centre’s experience in the psychological evaluation of donors, the lessons we have learned in the past 10 years and an agenda for the future evaluation of donors and research. (Acta gastroenterol. belg., 2010, 73, 383-388). [Product Details...]

The compromised arterial tree : how to deal with ?

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It is accepted that for achieving a successful liver transplantation one of the most important points is the arterial revascularization of the graft. Sometimes de recipient’s hepatic artery is not suitable for anastomosis. In this review, we will discuss the different options to deal with a compromised arterial tree in cadaveric orthotopic liver transplantation with whole graft. (Acta Gastroenterol. belg., 2010, 73, 370-373). [Product Details...]

The ministransplant procedure in liver transplantation

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IIn order tto amelliioratte earlly recovery afftter lliiver ttranss-- pllanttattiion a reducttiion off iinvassiivenessss off tthe abdomiinall iinciissiion hass been ttesstted and compared wiitth more exttended iinciissiionss.. Thiiss approach named “miiniittransspllantt proce-- dure” ressulltted iin betttter earlly and llatte outtcome ressullttss iirre-- sspecttiive off preoperattiive pattiienttss’’ riissk ffacttorss ass previiouss upper abdomiinall ssurgery,, Body Massss IIndex and Modell off End Sttage Liiver Diisseasse sscore.. ((Actta gassttrroentterroll.. bellg..,, 2010,, 73,, 367--369)). [Product Details...]

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