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Oral fluoropyrimidines in colorectal cancer : A door open to the future ?

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Since its first use 40 years ago, 5-fluorouracil (5-FU) has become an unquestionable component of colorectal cancer treatment. It is also now well established that infusional 5-FU administration, in combination with leucovorin, is associated with better tolerance and at least equal efficacy than bolus administration. However, requiring catheter and infusion pumps, infusional 5-FU adminis-tration is costly, rather inconvenient for patients and potentially associated with morbidity, initiating subsequent oral chemothera-py development. To address intravenous 5-FU related issues, oral fluoropyrimidines have been developed such as capecitabine, pref-erentially converted to 5-FU into tumour cells, and UFT, able of bypassing intestinal dihydropyrimidine deshydrogenase. We dis-cuss in this article current oral fluoropyrimidines achievements in colorectal cancer management. [Product Details...]